The holiday season is fast approaching where people celebrate with their loved ones, exchanging gifts, family gatherings, and to feel thankful for a meaningful life.

However, the surging of Coronavirus 2019 or Covid-19, affecting millions of people in different countries, is present in this year’s holiday seasons. People worldwide will most likely break this year’s tradition of spending time together to avoid the risk of complications concerning the Covid-19 outbreak. We may be celebrating the holiday season without our friends or loved ones, but we are hopeful that all of us are safe and healthy. Even if it leads to some difficult emotional and logistical challenges, we must be confident that the “we-can-do” spirit will make us strong to face those challenges.

This year will be hard for many of us, but that doesn’t mean that we can’t celebrate this holiday season. We can enjoy celebrating holidays alone or with our immediate household members. After all, people are still in positive vibes looking for opportunities offered during this pandemic outbreak. If you won’t be visiting relatives this year, here are a couple of great ideas that you may want to consider this holiday season.

1. Send Gifts

Granted that Coronavirus or Covid-19 pandemic changes our lives in many ways, sending gifts and cards to our loved ones remains relatively easy. By sending our gifts or cards, we let them know that we might not celebrate this holiday season together, but we still believe that we are connected with our love and appreciation towards each other.

Your friends, neighbors, and other relatives would love to receive home-baked goodies, a basket of fruits, or a festive wreath. You can still share your lovely crafting gifts for the season holidays.

2. Make Videos at Home

When you visit your relatives, friends, and loved ones, you enjoy listening to Christmas songs, and/or maybe you’re making videos while singing and playing piano or guitar.

But this year, you can’t probably enjoy singing and dancing together with them. However, the key to having fun is to let your imagination run free. You can make videos at home, recording a few songs, and then send it to your relatives by text or email. Surely, the kids will enjoy even the simplest music video you made or even more if they can watch your videos at a time and place that works best for them. You can be creative in your video, like singing while playing your guitar or piano, and making your own holiday-themed videos and songs. If you can’t sing, you can make a video playing a Christmas song while dancing. Do whatever comes up in your imagination and make it into reality.

3. Share a Meal Remotely

As we celebrate end-of-the-year holidays, we usually celebrate with our family and relatives sitting around a table with overflowing delicious food. However, this year will most likely be different. Thanks to technology today, video conferencing platforms are now available to share a meal and good conversation remotely with friends, relatives, loved ones, office mates, and other people. Whether they live nearby or across the country, we can always communicate with them using videoconferencing platforms.

Everyone has the chance to share what they are cooking with the use of their android phones, tablet, or laptop. You can have fun while comparing your recipes, exchanging culinary creations, and even sharing lovely sweet dessert. You can do many activities and share them with everyone, including giving thanks for many blessings or a tradition of playing games.

4. Take an After-Dinner Walk

After months of experiencing the Covid-19 pandemic, many of us have been unable to stay physically active. During Covid-19, you can make exercise a daily routine even if you are doing it at home, the coming season holidays are not an exemption to skip your daily exercise.

After taking your dinner, go on a virtual group walk through your respective neighborhoods to work off the food you eat, you can make your walk fun because you have your smartphones that capture your walking moment and share interesting stuff along the way. However, make sure to abide by your local government’s quarantine rules.

5. Make use of technology for fun things

Covid-19 is the reason why we could be physically separated from our relatives, families, friends, and loved ones during the upcoming holiday season. However, we can make happy virtual gatherings using technology such as phone calls, tech messages, and video chats. Fun things could happen as we can bring everyone together and ease feelings of isolation.

There are social media video conferencing platforms that you can use to have virtual gatherings like Zoom, Google Meet, Skype, Messenger, FaceTime, and WhatsApp. Either of these applications can connect you with everyone for fun things like board games, festive activities, and others.

With video chats, you can expand your circle by inviting distant relatives across the country. You could also invite your friends, office mates, and other people all over the world. There is no limit to whom you can catch up with your device.

6. Stay Safe

If it is possible to join a holiday gathering in person, make sure to stay vigilant while interacting with other people, even if they are your dear friends, families, and loved ones. The greatest risk of spreading Coronavirus right at this moment are family and social gatherings.

Remember that traveling nowadays is not safe as you will be interacting with different people on a ride or on the gatherings, who might not have been tested for the Covid-19 virus before the occasion, especially if they live in a Covid-19 hot spot – which is almost everywhere these days.

Ensure that you keep your distance while you are traveling and wear your protective facemask or face shield. In special gatherings, try to keep relatively small members, about five people or less. It is okay to have attended brief gatherings.

If you want to stay safe from Coronavirus and to protect your loved ones, both now and over the season holidays, please make sure to follow these 3 W’s.

1. Wear Mask and Face Shield

Your face mask and shield are the essential things that you should wear while you are out in public, it will greatly improve your chances of avoiding Coronavirus. The only exception to wearing your mask is while eating or drinking. However, remember to always practice social distancing despite this.

2. Watch your distance

It is your responsibility to stay at least 6 feet from people who are not part of your immediate household, Social distancing is now hardly implemented to avoid the spread of Covid-19.

3. Wash your hands

If you are taking a meal or eating a snack, do not forget to thoroughly wash your hands. Entering some malls, you need to wash your hands frequently, make sure to bring disinfectants such as hand sanitizers or preferably, rubbing alcohol that can kill germs.


Making all of these adjustments could be difficult, as many things need to be considered. This is not the time for you to stay at home and do nothing during the upcoming holiday season, you can still enjoy the holiday season and decide to have the best plan.

You may feel physically isolated in this holiday season, but remember that you are far from alone since there are a variety of ways to make things fun, happy, and memorable during the pandemic. You can see many things at home and in this holiday season, you can enjoy it as much as you can, together with your loved ones.

Make sure that you stay safe and seek fun things in the comfort of your home. Enjoy your holiday season, and stay informed on Covid-19 updates, and most importantly, stay safe at all times.

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