Everyone is always in search of really good productivity apps to help improve daily work schedules – from managing emails and workload to collaborating with team members and also getting personal things done. And with the digital age comes a long list of apps that offer a boost of this productivity. 

So while you sip a cup of your favorite coffee (which is supposedly to help you get started or shake things up), you can run through our list of 10 most-recommended productivity apps. Here we have highlighted the different productivity apps specific in use which you can all use. Download and install them in one folder and we guarantee you that these will change your life (not dramatically, though, but it will!).

Your To-Do List Haven: Any.Do

Any.Do is a top-notch to-do list app with minimal design that lets you do all you need to do without getting distracted. It’s a very good tool for very busy people who always forget routine tasks as well as chores. For personal uses, this productivity app definitely delivers to what it promises – simple and fast task organization, daily reminders, and scheduling. 

It also integrates well with mobile and desktop so you won’t need to keep checking your phone when you’re getting things done on your computer. Less distraction and more productivity. It’s a never-miss-a-thing app solution. And one of its best features for most is its built-in grocery list feature which also helps divide your shopping list into categories making grocery errands more efficient. 

You can enjoy great functionality even as a free user especially with its calendar integration feature but if you want the extra features like share lists with more than just the read only mode, then you can avail the premium version for $9.99 per month. 

Download Any.do: Android, iOS

Your Functional Note-Taking App: Evernote

Evernote is one of the staple favorites in many productivity lists even in previous years. That just shows how many consumers actually really love the app. First, it offers premium cross-platform note-taking services. With Evernote, you can upload notes, attach photos, videos, and even recordings. You can also upload PDFs and even sketch digitally with this app!

It provides powerful organization features with formatting and sharing options and continuously rivals OneNote and Google Keep. Aside from that, one favorite feature here is the ability to search words not only in texts but also texts in images. Honestly, that’s one really cool feature that will definitely help you search through heaps of notes. 

Free users can upload 60MB worth of content monthly and more if you are a premium user. And with all those features (which you can also use to collaborate), paying the app would be well worth it. 

Download Evernote: Android, iOS

Your Friendly Task Automator: IFTTT

Menial, repetitive tasks are easy but they’re time-consuming as well. That’s why we recommend IFTTT (sounds like the word ‘gift’) to do that for you. IFTTT or “if this, then that” is your ticket to never doing those time-consuming activities again by pre-built “applets” for online services as well as devices. 

Aside from the “applets”, IFTTT also comes with customizations which carry on tasks like saving a tagged photo from your Facebook to your Dropbox, backing up photos to the cloud or drive, and even directing your smart home! 

With this app, you’ll get more important things done!

Download IFTTT: Android, iOS

Your Distraction-Free Extension: StayFocusd

You might have learned about this new slang called doom scrolling wherein you just can’t stop scrolling through social media apps. We get it because we’ve all been there. But the thing is we can’t keep on doing that because it takes away a lot of time that we could have been productive. You might think there’s just not enough time in the world but your screen time wouldn’t probably back you up on that.

While StayFocusd is not necessarily an app, it’s still a good addition to your productivity hacks. With this extension, you can block distracting websites like Twitter, YouTube, 9Gag, Reddit for set times and dates or if you have reached a time limit. 

And the best part about this? It’s free and simple to use. With less distractions, you would be able to work more productively and efficiently. 

Download StayFocusd: Chrome

Your Pomodoro App: PomoDoneApp

One of the popular productivity techniques is the Pomodoro which employs a 25-minute work or study timer which is followed by a 5-minute break. And every 4 Pomodoros or focus periods completed, you get a 20-30 minute break. And if you’re having problems getting things done then you can try this method if it works for you. 

With this app, you can adjust how long each focused session is as well as your breaks with options for automatic switching so that you don’t need to check it from time to time. It’s also highly-personalized meaning you can set different lengths for each task that you do. Aside from that, you can also seamlessly integrate it with popular task management tools like Asana (which is also part of this list). 

You can download this as an app or as an extension. For the extension, you can also block off certain websites during your work or study breaks. The free plan includes two native integrations and a month of data in reports while premium plan can unlock more integrations and reports access for only $2.99

Download PomoDoneApp: Mac, Windows, Linux, iOS, Android, Web App

Your Team Collaboration App: Asana 

Getting tired of all the long email threads for team collaboration works? Then Asana is a really good place to start deleting all of those. Here, you can effectively and efficiently manage projects, coordinate, and communicate with the whole team. The app offers features like creating projects, assigning tasks, setting deadlines, attaching files and notes, as well as commenting and requesting. 

With this app, project management will be a lot easier, stress-free, and hassle-free. For free plans, you can include up to 15 people while premium plans can increase the cap with more organizational tools. It’s easy to use, that’s why even if you’re new to technology, you wouldn’t have a hard time navigating through it. You can also use this for personal projects as well!

Download Asana: Android, iOS

Your Key To Everything: LastPass

We’ve all been there at that moment when we don’t remember our password, click forgot password, and create a new password only for the site or app to say that you could not use your old password. Most of the time, that sucks especially if you’re in a hurry to open an online account which in turn can also affect your productivity. 

With LastPass, you don’t ever have to fiddle with logins and passwords ever again. LastPass is a password vault which offers strong password generators all with just one master key. You can use this in browsers to automatically fill your login details, generate new passwords, and even add or update Form Fills. It also comes with an encrypted Secure Notes feature for all your important information. 

Lastly, it has a free unlimited cross-device password vault so syncing wouldn’t be a problem!

Download LastPass: Android, iOS

Your Offline Reader: Pocket

If you’re scrolling through your social media feed or your favorite websites and you come upon an article but you don’t have time to read it yet, you can easily save it in your Pocket. This app is a great offline reading tool which allows you to revisit all the articles, pictures, and videos that you weren’t able to read just yet. 

It saves you a lot of time because you don’t have to worry about looking for that article again. And it’s also a very good place to store important articles that you would need later on. 

Download Pocket: Android, iOS

Your Grammar Checker: Grammarly

We’re sure that you have heard of this extension before and yes, it still made the 2021 most-recommended list. Why? With the amount of work and content that you need to produce, sometimes you don’t have time to proofread your work. And sending an email with a lot of typos and grammar errors wouldn’t be really good for you.

With Grammarly, you can let go of those worries because it automatically highlights your errors making it easy to correct them. It also provides suggestions that you can use. And all of this for free! If you’re a freelance writer, this could also help in ensuring that your work is plagiarism-free. Also, you can use it to analyze how your article reads to users which is very helpful in ensuring that you’re producing easy-to-read content. 

Download Grammarly: Web

Your Habit Tracker: Habitica

If you’re a big fan of bullet journaling and gaming, then Habitica is the best cross-over platform for you. Instead of the boring daily checklists in tracking your habits, it turns habits into RPGs to make it more fun. And the even better part? As you get to complete your habits, your character “levels up” with new gear!

And if you want to build habits with others, you can join a party where you and other users can fight bosses together! It also helps boost motivation to complete habits because if you fail to do one of your habits then your entire team will suffer. 

Download Habitica: Web

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