College is hard. And without technology and the right tools, it’s crazy tough. It’s hard to imagine how people back then survive school without the helpful devices and study apps we have now. From notetaking, online classes, to organization apps, developers all around the world have created software to make college bearable. And we’ve rounded up the best app for colleges students like you! 

The Best Apps for College Students to Survive College

To survive college, students around the globe have learned to utilize their smartphones and tablets. From taking lecture notes to organizing their schedules, to even watching lecture videos. It’s amazing how capable these devices are in helping students survive college. was launched in 2011 and by 2020, it has 30 million active users and we don’t see the need to question why. This mobile application is for students who tend to rely on a to-do list to manage their day. It synchronizes with other devices and allows you to access your lists from anywhere. 

You can add new entries with their touch-based interface or if your hands are busy, it also accepts voice recognition. You can change the priority of your entries, mark it as complete and it has this cool function where you can shake your device and all your completed tasks are removed. also has a widget that you can add to your home screen for easy access. 

Apps for College Students


Think of Dropbox as those physical accordion files or those huge binders you lug around with you at school. It functions the same, but for your digital files and notes. With this app, you can upload different files, including documents, photos, and videos, and access them online whenever you need to! No more heavy binders! As long as you have an Internet connection and log on to the app, you’ll have access to all your files. 

You can also easily share your files with friends. 

Apps for College Students


Scribd is the world’s largest online library and with a tap of a finger, you’ll have enough sources to sustain your whole thesis. Scribd helps students look for millions of varying documents, books, and data that are shared and contributed by people from all around the globe.

You can create your own library with notes, texts, and books that you need, as well as curate and organize them according to topics. You can also share them with your friends! 

Apps for College Students


After exhausting yourself writing your thesis, dissertation, or those few thousand-words essays, the last thing on your mind is arranging your citations. But you have to do it! It’s required and is one of the most important to include. For some, it’s also the most difficult part to do, especially since you have to format it in either MLA or APA style. Fortunately, you have EasyBib, an app that’ll help you format and get the right citation. Just enter a book’s title and copy the generated citation into your bibliography. 


College is famous for being an enabler of information overload. And some students who have a lot more on their plate often have a difficult time reading, digesting, and analyzing different chapters. But don’t worry, SparkNotes has your back! It’s free, with in-app purchases, and it has chapter summaries, study questions, and quizzes for common university books. You can search by author name or title and SparkNotes will give you literature guides. 

Do note though that SparkNotes is free for one month and then you need to pay after the trial version is done. The good news is it’s not an app that breaks the bank. It’s $0.99 per month or $4.99 per year. 


In recent years, we’ve seen numerous writing apps that help students take notes digitally, however, Evernote remains at the top of the chain. Aside from note-taking, the app can also be used to create to-do lists and keep your homework and projects organized. It can clip and save web pages, scan, and store documents, and keep your files synced across different devices. 

It’s an all-rounder that provides that has most features you need. 


If you are required to take foreign languages, Duolingo is your best bud. Duolingo is an excellent app that allows you to learn new words, helps you get ready for tests and exams, and improves your knowledge and vocabulary. It’s interactive with images and sounds so learning with the app is never boring. 


For degrees that require loads of memorization and familiarization, flashcards are one of the best ways to study and we highly recommend Quizlet for digital flashcards. 

The best thing about Quizlet is you can take your flashcards and study anywhere you go. You might be waiting for your food and randomly read and swipe through the Quizlet app on your phone for some quick review. 

You can create your own flashcards or use more than 500 million premade flashcards on general subjects like math, foreign languages, physics, history, psychology, chemistry, art, and more. Quizlet also has seven different study modes so you can choose one that you prefer. 


Essay writers all around the globe can vouch just how helpful Grammarly is. It helps you proofread, detect mistakes, and the app even suggests better sentence structure and words to use. Grammarly is free and is available as a browser extension so it is available to help you if you have any online submissions. 

It’s the perfect buddy for writing papers or emailing an intimidating professor. Even chatting with classmates! 

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