Tracking and managing projects can be a challenging task. When done wrong, deadlines will be missed and work will be stressful. Fortunately, dozens of task management software were launched in recent years and this significantly change what task management means. 

Key Features of Impressive Task Management Software

Flexibility. It must offer incredible flexibility, allowing you to organize things in ways that work best. 

Customization. It should allow you to customize assignments and tasks according to your system. 

Structure. The structure of the software must be able to handle few and many tasks, subtasks, and team members. 

Collaboration. It should offer tools that allow collaboration between team members. 

Task Tracking. The software should allow you to see or customize the status and progress of a project. 

If you are on the lookout for the best task management software in the market, we have rounded them all for you! 


Task Management Software

If you are looking for an incredibly flexible and adaptable task management software, Infinity might be the one for you. This can be used with a whole company department or a freelancer to effectively manage multiple clients. 

It has endless customization tools that help the team avoid clutter, allows the user to define what attributes to use for each board, folder, and item, allows you to create numerous folders and subfolders for multiple projects you have at hand and can be used to store documents, images, metrics and other files you need. 


Task Management Software

Asana is one of the most popular task management tools on the list. Small and big businesses have relied on the useful features of Asana. 

This task management software has a clean and user-friendly interface that can be easily understood at a glance. One of the things we appreciate with Asana is its offline feature so you can update your tasks anywhere and it automatically syncs when you are back online. 

If you are a task manager and you need to track multiple projects and teams, Asana might work well with you. If you find that the software is missing vital features you need, no need to worry since Asana allows third-party integration such as automation apps, Zapier for example, and time tracking tools like Hubstaff. 


If you are managing a small project with fewer details and members, Trello is the one for you. The interface is incredibly easy to navigate and uses cards to announce progress. It is free software that covers small to medium-sized business needs. 

With the Trello cards, you can assign tasks, deadlines and add descriptions. It also has a calendar view that allows you to review tasks and deadlines. 

Compared to the others on the list, Trello is weaker when it comes to powerful tools and features but if you are keeping track of a small project and only need a basic task manager, Trello does it best. 

For starters, Trello is a good way to go but if your project is growing and is showing potential to grow even more, you might need to find a more capable task manager. 


If you love managing tasks with a highly visual task management software, you are looking for Nifty. It is another one of the popular modern-day task manager. 

Nifty has a user-friendly interface that allows teams to plan and manage their tasks in less than 10 minutes. Its most appealing features are milestones, tasks, discussion docs, and file serving. This can all be done on one platform so you can say goodbye to multiple software flooding your screen. 


Trusted by over 20,000 companies and 6,000 agencies, TeamWork does have an impressive list of clientele that makes you wonder, “just how good is this software?” Well, it is that good. It has an easy-to-use and understand interface and allows you to manage complex tasks with just a few finger taps. 

Teamwork is a great task management software for a growing business. You can avail the software’s more powerful features without sacrificing its user-friendly interface. It’s also a great option if your employees are working remotely because of its time tracking and resource management tools. It also has a client permissions feature, which is perfect for agencies, since it allows you to manage permissions to certain areas. 

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