Summer is here! 

This means hot weather, hot body, and unfortunately, hot gadgets. The phone you carry with you every day and use every passing second is more prone to overheating. 

Extreme temperatures can negatively affect your phone. It can easily fry internal components and cause loss of data, corruption, and battery leakage. 

When the weather gets hotter, it’s important to keep your phone safe too! 

Here are 8 easy fixes to try to stop your phone from overheating! 

Store it out of the heat

If you noticed that it’s been a particularly hot day, it is best to keep your phone away from the heat. If you are out on a warm day with friends and family, make sure to avoid placing your phone where direct sunlight can hit it, such as outdoor tables and benches. The sun’s direct heat can warm your phone without you even noticing. And if you’re at home, avoid putting your phone by the window. 

Also, avoid leaving your phone in places where it naturally gets hot, such as a car or a greenhouse. 

Remove the case

For the most part, having a phone case is a savior. It protects your phone from cracks and external damages and keeps it warm during the winter. But during the summer is where you should ditch your phone case, especially on a particularly hot day. 

A phone case act as insulation, keeping the heat from your phone in. With a case on, a warm phone will stay warm and will get warmer as minutes go by. One way to get rid of the heat fast is by taking off the case and letting the heat dissipate. 

So, if you are just lounging around at home or having a simple brunch out on a sunny day, it’s best to keep your case off. 

overheating phone

Adjust phone settings

There are some phone settings that can help cool your phones. By adjusting these settings, you are making sure that your phone doesn’t heat up too much. 

Screen brightness to low. Setting your screen brightness to a lower setting might be an inconvenience. It’s a hot day outside and the sun’s glare will make it harder for you to see your phone display. But a lower screen brightness means less battery usage, this means less heating. 

Phones that have adaptive brightness, a control that automatically increases your brightness setting when you are outside, should be turned off. 

Turn off mobile data. Like your screen display, mobile data consumes battery power. By turning this off, you are also saving battery consumption, which lessens heat. If you don’t need to use your phone’s other features, you can also turn on airplane mode. 

Turn overclocked modes off. Some phones have overclocked modes, this is present especially in gaming phones. This feature ups the phone’s performance, enabling the gaming experience to be better than normal modes. But this also consumes battery and heats up the phone faster.   

Phone manufacturers would advertise these different modes but it’s recommended that you check up your model and see if you have missed this particular feature. 

Don’t abuse your phone

Sure you brought your phone for particular uses and you have all the right to use it as much as you can. But doing precautionary measures to avoid overheating will help your phone last longer. 

If your country or area of residency is experiencing extreme temperatures, avoid intense gaming, charging at a high speed, or simultaneously doing both. These two, when done separately, cause your phone to heat up. What more when they are both done at the same time? Your phone would warm up in no time. 

So if you can, maybe save all these intense phone games and activities when you are in a cooler area. 

Don’t try questionable methods

Don’t force a cool down by trying questionable methods that will end up damaging your phone more than helping it. 

Don’t submerge your phone in water. Phones, even though they are advertised as water-resistant, should not be submerged into water for a period of time. It’s also not advised to let them run under a tap. There are scenarios where you could drop your phone since it’s slippery or submerged it for too long. 

Don’t refrigerate your phone. It’s hot, so into the freezer? Nope. Rapid cooling can cause condensation inside the phone and could damage internal components. 

Buy a phone cooler

Phone coolers are designed for mobile gamers but they are also useful to just about anybody. If you find your phone heating up quite fast nowadays, save yourself all the trouble and purchase a phone cooler. 

There are a lot of options on Amazon and you can choose the one you think is best for you. It’s a good investment and should last a long time. This is a wise purchase if you think your phone’s been overheating a lot lately. 

Fan your phone

If phone coolers are not for you, then you can try the simplest method in this whole list. Turn your fan on and place your phone in front of it. 

This method cools your phone at a slow rate, just enough to avoid damage. This is best partnered with the rest of the tips, like taking off your case and steering away from direct sunlight. 

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