Grammarly has become very popular for many reasons. One of these is that it allows you to check your spelling and grammar. It also has a number of features that will prove to be very useful to you. 

The Free Version

The free version of Grammarly can be installed as a browser extension and will automatically help you write correct English grammar and spelling. It’s a great way to try out Grammarly without having to spend any money. If your issues only consist of simple grammar errors and spellings that you might overlook, the free version will do just fine. 

The green “Grammar” logo located at the bottom of each text field will point you to the next step in your writing. Once you have used Grammarly for a while, it will even suggest alternative spelling and grammar, which could save you time and embarrassment.

One of the things we appreciate the most with Grammarly is that it shows your mistakes and its suggestion or alternatives. This feature is great for making sure you don’t miss anything that could be crucial when it comes time to submit your document for review with a potential employer or business partner. 

You can also leave a question or suggestion on the help section of the site and someone will be sure to answer it for you.

Grammarly’s Online Editor

If by chance you are writing in a software where you won’t be able to use Grammarly’s features, there’s no need to worry for Grammarly has an online editor where you can copy-paste your documents and still have it checked for grammar, spelling, and structure. 

The online editor works with most browsers, so you should be able to view your grammar and spelling corrections right away. The advantage of using the online editor is that it doesn’t require you to download or install anything onto your computer. You can start editing immediately! It also saves the document and you can go back to it anytime. 

The Premium Version

The Grammarly premium version allows you to quickly access a plagiarism checker, find synonyms for your selected keywords, and create lists of vocabulary that are important in writing. 

The premium version also comes with an entire guide to helping you improve your writing. This guide contains sample writing exercises, a grammar checker, a proofreading tool, a word enrichment generator, and a story generator. It even includes audio files for each chapter!

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