Flashcards are a most loved study method available today since it allows you to learn a lot of material, then simply weed out the parts you already cards and hauling them around so you have them handy at whatever point you have a couple of minutes to go through them is such agony. 

Luckily, in the same way as other aspects of life, some applications allow you to do this more efficiently, sans paper. Here are a few lists.


StudyBlue allows you to crowdsource your flashcards from other people who have made flashcards on comparative topics. You can always look and create a group, where you can impart significant flashcards to individuals who are contemplating a similar subject. The application lets you add pictures as well as audio to your flashcards, assess yourself, and set study reminders. Plus, no need to worry with the subscription fee since the app is free.


Quizlet is one of the biggest online flashcards sites available today. Great feature it has is you can even study the flashcards using your phone, since the app syncs directly with their site. It’s anything but difficult to explore and has a simple, clear design.

Making quizzes, playing games, or flipping through flashcard sets — ways how to study your flashcards using this app. Quizlet Learn makes such a study plan dependent on a cutoff time or deadline you give it. Just like StudyBlue, if you’re going to pay for Quizlet Go, definitely you can upgrade the app’s features— letting you to study even if it’s offline and remove the application’s advertisements. If you’re looking for more options to customize your studying and chart progress, you can always subscribe to their Quizlet Plus that costs $47.99 per year. For seven days, there will be a free trial for both tiers for you to try.


StudyStack can really gamify your flashcards experience. Everytime you’re playing the games, you are able to get a bit of pie which indicates how your progress goes. The same with other available apps, it offers a flashcards set, allows you to assess yourself, and interacts with the flashcards you created. However, what makes this app great is that you can have such multiple sides for every  flashcard. The experience comes up short on some polish, however, it compensates for it with such creative features—plus, it’s free. 


Brainscape was expected to use only for flashcards: there aren’t extravagant features like any game or quiz compared to other apps, yet Brainscape centers around strategies that assist you with learning the information written on your flashcards in the briefest measure of time. 

The application even claims to have the option to twofold your learning speed by changing the timing of every flashcard depending on how well you know a particular topic. Moreover, it has been collaborating with educators as well as publishers to be able to produce a flashcard that can be used for various topics, and even provide recommendations for new infos on every point. 

Some flashcard sets are free to use, however,  many require a paid membership or subscription. 

Price usually starts at $9.99 per month.


If you love taking notes on your laptop and wanting to easily turn them into flashcards, then Studies is definitely perfect for you. Most strikingly, it lets you sort out your flashcards in stacks (various collections of flashcards) and groups (various collections of stacks or groups). 

Another great thing is that it’s so useful for the fact that it will allow you to customize your study sessions. For instance, you can review your flashcards even just at once, a customized set, or anything you prefer to use. You can even add labels to your flashcards ( if you want to) and free to view statistics to check your study sessions,  including how long you’re probably going to recall the information written on the cards. There is no free plan or free tier in using this app, notwithstanding; there’s no harm in trying to drop $4.99 to check it out. 


AnkiApp is another simple to-explore flashcards application. Toward the end of each of your study sessions, it assembles information on how well you know every flashcard and uses that information to later figure out which flashcards to test you on. 

Using other’s flashcards or making your own with photo, text or even sound is definitely okay. AnkiApp Unlimited offers admittance to additional study analytics and matches up to your studying across gadgets; that will run you $9.99/year.


IDoRecall is considered as a spaced repetition flashcard app, and much likely similar to Anki. But, it also comes with some unique, important as well as exciting differences.

This app is specially designed for studying academic material. Rather than letting you create your own cards, the app is very convenient to use since it will let you upload the materials you’re studying and it creates cards directly from the input information.

Plus, it can even link back to the study material which lets you instantly refresh your memory if you aren’t able to recall something when you’re viewing it. After making your cards, IDoRecall is using spaced repetition to make sure that you’re only studying the material you’re about to forget. The first 200 cards are free, with 10MB file storage. If ever you want unlimited cards and file uploads, you will need to avail the subscription plan for $96 /year or $16 / month.


Cram is a simple flashcard app that comes with some interesting features for you to use when reviewing and studying your cards.

To begin, you need to make a set of flashcards with a title of your choice, anything will do. At that point, you can already add information to the front and back of the card using texts and images if you want.

It’s free to use, however, it has a paid option that removes ads and will give you an extra formatting tool.

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