What? Low battery again? 

There are a lot of factors why your Android phone is burning its battery life fast. Nowadays, battery capacity is one of the selling factors, that’s why manufacturers are working beyond the limits to deliver a phone that will last for hours to no end. And of course, this added feature is also an addition to the price. 

If you are satisfied with your current phone and don’t really see the need to purchase a new one but your battery life is turning you off, there are a few things you can do to extend it. 

Here are some tips and tricks to extend your Android phone’s battery life. 

Turn on Power Saving Mode

If you need your phone to conserve battery as much as it can, turn on power-saving mode, which cuts back your phone’s functions that eats your battery life. 

Most phones have more than one option but a Samsung phone with an Android 10 will have four different power-saving choices. 

Turn off mobile data

If you can, use Wi-Fi instead of your mobile data. Phones put in more work into receiving information when the incoming signal is weak. Network data are considerably weaker than Wi-Fi signals. So when you are outside, manage your mobile data usage. Only turn it on when you need to and if you can, connect to Wi-Fi instead. 

Enable Dark Mode (for OLED or AMOLED display)

Most older phones use LCD screens so this tip is not applicable since it doesn’t really do anything. But if you are using a newer model, especially flagship phones from Samsung, OnePlus, and Google, try using dark mode instead to save battery life. 

If your phone uses an OLED or AMOLED display, it means that black-displaying pixels are turned off so you are saving battery when the bright white panels are now dark.

According to iFixit, you could be saving as much as an hour of battery life by switching on dark mode.

Turn off Active Tracking 

Bluetooth, NFC, and location services are some of the active tracking features that you might need, but if you don’t, it’s best to turn them off. They can drain your battery fast when they are connected and updated.  

Aside from active tracking features, voice assistant programs also drain the battery so if you don’t need it, turn it off. 

Decrease your Brightness

Display screens of newer phone models are such beautiful feats. Vibrant colors and sharpen resolutions are other selling factors, especially when you are such a graphic fanatic. However, they are also battery eaters. 

If you want to preserve battery life, decrease your brightness. Also, constantly looking at over-the-top bright screens will hurt your eyes so save yourself a trip to the optometrist and turn down your screen display. 

You can also turn off auto-brightness, which automatically adjusts your phone’s brightness, and change how long your display remains active. 

Live Wallpaper and Widgets

Moving wallpapers and widgets are pretty to look at since it makes your phone aesthetically pleasing. But moving wallpapers takes so much of your battery life since it takes energy for your display to animate it. Aside from that, colorful backgrounds consume energy too so best limit your wallpaper to one with fewer colors. 

If you have an OLED screen, you can opt for a black background, as well. 

Manage your apps

There will always be applications that will run in the background, even if you aren’t using them. This will consume not only data but battery life too. If you tinker around your phone settings, you’ll find options to shut down these unused apps. 

Under App Power Management, you can put unused apps to sleep, especially those you don’t use as often. 

Use the Lite version of your apps

If your most-used apps have a lite version available, install that instead. Lite versions are slimed-down versions and are made for older phone models, but if you want to preserve battery life and won’t mind missing out on a few features, use the lite version instead. 

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