The Best Laptop Cooling Pads of 2021

A laptop’s portability is one of its greatest selling factors but its compact form comes with a disadvantage. The cooling system found in laptops is not as stable as those with desktops PCs. A few exceptions to this would be bulky gaming laptops specifically designed to allow ventilation. Aside from that, laptops are typically made […]

8 Simple Tips To Make Your Laptop Last Longer

We can imagine the distress an owner feels when a laptop starts to malfunction at random times. It could be a telltale sign of corrupted hard drives or the incoming death of a beloved device.  It’s okay though if your laptop has been with you for years then it’s definitely understandable but, if you feel […]

Best Online Collaboration Tools For Teams and Businesses

online collaboration tools

Technological advancements and a global health crisis have pushed a huge working population to work from home. To cope with the sudden shift, workers have to rely on online collaboration tools to communicate, delegate and give updates on the tasks.  Benefits of online collaboration tools There is more than one reason why workers and managers […]

The Best Task Management Software of 2021

Tracking and managing projects can be a challenging task. When done wrong, deadlines will be missed and work will be stressful. Fortunately, dozens of task management software were launched in recent years and this significantly change what task management means.  Key Features of Impressive Task Management Software Flexibility. It must offer incredible flexibility, allowing you […]

The Best Antivirus Software of 2021 for your Computer Protection

If you want to safely trudge the online and keep your PC and yourself protected, investing in the best antivirus software still remains the best and the strongest wall of defense against cybercriminals who want to steal and use your personal information for their financial gain. Throughout the years, cybercriminals and viruses have evolved into […]

What Hackers Can Do To Your Computer and How to Protect Yourself Against It

What hackers can do to your computer is seriously dangerous. The Internet is a safe place, but the people behind the screens are not. Computer threats are created by humans and not by technology. A knowledgeable computer predator has the ability to victimize you for their own advantage and the skills they have is a […]

Comfort and Function: The 5 Best True Wireless Earbuds of 2021

Say goodbye to annoying wires that tangle for no reason and say hello to true wireless earbuds and the freedom to move around without restriction.  True wireless earphones refer to Bluetooth earbuds that have no cords or wires in them to connect to an audio source, like smartphones, tablets, and laptops. Since they are wireless, […]

A Quick Guide to Grammarly: Your Free Online Writing Assistant

Grammarly has become very popular for many reasons. One of these is that it allows you to check your spelling and grammar. It also has a number of features that will prove to be very useful to you.  The Free Version The free version of Grammarly can be installed as a browser extension and will […]

7 Ways To Free Up Space on Your Hard Drive

If you’ve been looking for that important file for ten minutes, changing from folder to folder, and had no luck, maybe it’s time to do some PC spring cleaning. Unconsciously, we store a lot of files on our PCs, and sometimes, we don’t realize just how much clutter it is until we are looking for […]

8 Tips to Extend the Battery Life of your Android Phones

What? Low battery again?  There are a lot of factors why your Android phone is burning its battery life fast. Nowadays, battery capacity is one of the selling factors, that’s why manufacturers are working beyond the limits to deliver a phone that will last for hours to no end. And of course, this added feature […]