How to Clean All Your Kitchen Tools

A clean kitchen means less germs and bacteria around the house. Who wouldn’t want that? This is where the importance of cleaning your utensils and sanitizing your kitchen comes to importance. Learn how with this article.

How to Disable Gmail’s Smart Feature

Privacy and security have been significant topics for Google in 2019. Yet, the conveniences that everyone enjoys, such as finding our way through a new city with the usage of Google Maps, require (individual) information inputs for these apps to fully function. As indicated by Sundar Pichai’s New York Times op-ed, advertising indeed assists Google […]

Ways to Celebrate your Socially Distant Holidays

The holiday season is fast approaching where people celebrate with their loved ones, exchanging gifts, family gatherings, and to feel thankful for a meaningful life. However, the surging of Coronavirus 2019 or Covid-19, affecting millions of people in different countries, is present in this year’s holiday seasons. People worldwide will most likely break this year’s […]

Covid-19 Zoom Etiquette

Due to Covid-19’s precautionary measures, it is advisable to avoid crowded places and to stay at least a meter apart from each other. This prompted establishments, businesses, and schools to temporarily close down and shift into a “work and study from home” setting. Meetings and online classes are now held online through software that allows […]

Tips to Prevent Eyestrain

Your eyes are a vital part of your body as it serves as the lamps that show you the physical world, and therefore lets you live, move, and have your being. Your eyes are precious as it is more than just windows for your soul. With the advancement of technology nowadays, our generation utilizes an […]

How to Stay Productive During Covid-19

Pandemics in human history often result in untold and sometimes unparalleled problems requiring great experts to make solutions. Our experience with the Covid-19 pandemic is like waking up into a different world and the outbreak has completed changed our life and daily activities. The number of Covid-19 cases continues to grow exponentially, affecting countries, and […]

ZOOM ZOOM ZOOM AWAY: How to Combat Zoom Fatigue

zoom fatigue

If this isn’t the most 2020 thing I’ve ever heard, then what is? So hey, 2020. When I thought you were gonna be my year, maybe I shouldn’t have said it out loud because apparently, you can be such a b****. From plans of celebrating my quarter life crisis by the beach to resigning and […]

How to Stay Productive At Home: Pandemic Edition

how to stay productive at home

News of the deadly coronavirus first circulated in social media late last year with images and videos of patients flooding hospitals in Wuhan, China. Doctors were fighting a war of guns with swords and they were exhausted as they were trying to call for attention, people were dying, and then the news was shut down.  […]