The Best Budgeting Apps of 2022

Maintaining a budget is probably one of the hardest things about money and finances in general. It’s easy to plan and talk about it but sticking to it is just a plain challenge. One good habit to develop is knowing how much money comes in and comes out of your hands and this is easier […]

Things You Can Do With Siri: 8 Useful Commands

Apple devices are powerful tools, especially when you know how to fully utilize Siri, the company’s digital personal assistant available across iOS devices like iPhone and iPad. However, some people fail to realize that Siri is a capable technology that can do more than just look stuff up online. Here are useful things you can […]

The Best Webcams of 2022 for Better Video Calls

Video calls are the backbone of the business sector during the pandemic. And not only that, academic institutions and even family time have all boiled down to online settings. We think it’s only right to invest in the best webcams of 2022 to make meetings, classes, and bonding time more enjoyable.  The Best Webcams of […]

6 Tips to Improve Video Calls

Video calls have been around for so long but it was only until the lethal COVID-19 pandemic hit the world that video conferencing became a staple to everyone’s lives. With everything almost done online and through the camera, here are tips to improve video calls experience.  Face-to-face interactions are limited and most elder and young […]

The Best Design Software for Beginners 2022

For your creative imaginations, concepts, and ideas, you need software that has the tools and mechanism to bring life to your design. And if you are a beginner in the industry, the long list of design software in the market might be too overwhelming. To test each of them will require time, money, and effort […]

6 Chrome Extensions for Remote Teams

Work-from-home settings and remote teams are increasingly normalized because of the unfortunate pandemic that hit the world. Crowded offices and face-to-face interaction are limited so managers and workers alike need to work and collaborate in the comfort of their homes. And with the help of Google Chrome extensions for remote teams, productivity is guaranteed.  The […]

The Best Apps for College Students

College is hard. And without technology and the right tools, it’s crazy tough. It’s hard to imagine how people back then survive school without the helpful devices and study apps we have now. From notetaking, online classes, to organization apps, developers all around the world have created software to make college bearable. And we’ve rounded […]

Freelancing in 2021: What is it, Pros and Cons

Freelancing has become a popular source of income because of the freedom and control it offers to workers. And recently, employers have been favoring freelancers more because they consider it a cheaper form of employment. Because of freelancing’s increasing stability, more and more people are curious if it truly provides what it claims: control, freedom, […]

A Guide to Drop Servicing: What is it, Pros and Cons

You might have heard of dropshipping, a retail fulfillment method where the store doesn’t keep their stocks on hand, but instead purchases it from a third party and have it directly shipped to the customer. It’s quite different from a standard retail model, mainly on the part where the dropshipper doesn’t handle or stock their […]

The Best Study Apps For Students 2021

Cellphones are productivity’s greatest enemy. More so if you are a student who’s supposed to be studying the day away but you can’t keep your hands off your device. It could be the urge to scroll down Facebook or the constant messaging notifications that’ll throw you off the hook, either way, let’s not deny just […]