Notion is extremely versatile. It can be a writing project management tool, a word processor, an essay-writing workspace, a data-storage database, and much more. Better still, you can link your individual data from each project to the others, so that your workout schedule can reference your blog entries for that day. The flexibility offered by Notion makes it one of the easiest office tools to integrate with existing systems.

What is Notion?

The notion is often referred to as a “notepad-like” application. It is intended for high-end notetaking, but it can also be used for simple task management applications. The basic functionality of Notion is a block-style notebook-like layout with tools for organization and task management. Notion provides a free tier for blogs and a premium tier for task management.

Notion’s free tier includes a broad range of apps used in business environments, such as accounting apps, business cards, communication tools, collaboration tools, data visualizations, web feeds, and more. 

These apps were developed by large corporations and are used in their daily workflow. They are highly adaptable and can be integrated into any existing system. The free tier offers a basic Notion productivity solution to help people organize their thoughts and create sub-applications.

What can you use Notion for?

Project Manager

One of the most popular Notion productivity apps is the project manager. With its easy-to-use dashboard, employees can organize their daily work using tabs. Each tab corresponds to a project from the main screen. 

The project tab is used to set due dates for all tasks, while the workweek project tab is used to set projects due during the week. Other useful checklists, workflow items, tasks, and ideas can be organized by clicking on the checklist item.


A favorite among industry professionals, the sales process worksheet covers numerous industries and can be used with Notion. Salespeople can enter information for salespeople to reference later on. 

This multitasking utility was developed by a team of engineers and is used in various types of businesses, such as hospitals, retail stores, hotels, real estate brokers, insurance companies, software development companies, marketing firms, manufacturers, and others. 

It is completely customizable and has a wide array of features, which allow for easy organizing.

The Advantages of Paid Notion Version

Notion has an attractive free plan, but the paid version is even better and offers great features and functions for a more organized work environment. It allows a business owner to manage the entire office system with ease. 

Many employees have reported increased productivity because they were able to manage their own schedules and notes much easier. The premium plan, which includes additional add-ons, including the Android version of Notion, is recommended to those who are already using Notion on an office-based level.

Paid Notion allows a business to create a mobile portable presentation that can be used in an airplane or any vehicle, depending on what is available. 

A mobile airtable presentation will give a company a chance to promote its products and services to the appropriate target audience while traveling. A person can also access the Android version of the app from a smartphone. With the premium version of the application, it will be easy to create a professional-looking portable presentation that will impress anyone at any business event.

For a more organized work environment, there is no doubt that Notion is a great option. Notion Pro allows you to manage multiple projects simultaneously, organize your files, check project statuses, and edit your projects and notes. 

Notion is a very flexible app and comes with a wide variety of themes that are easy to customize according to your specific preferences. 

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