Optimal Timing:

Find best times to post.
1) Start with Tu-Fri between 10 am and 3pm
2) Once we start getting traffic, adjust based on our highest engagement times

Focus posts on what consumers want:

What consumers want (in order of most want to least):
Discounts / sales
Make IG specific sales : (QR Codes, Sale codes, etc.)

Showcase of new products or services

Learn something new

Be entertained

Be inspired

Hear announcement

Hear a story

  1. Use Pinterest to archive Instagram posts
  • Pinterest has longer lifespan of posts being saved and seen, so make IG posts archive into Pinterest too.
  1. Use stories to engage with followers: VR filter
    Idea: Make a VR filter for Hanbok or Korean related things that also have our logo
    Tutorial: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TCnjH6XLRgA , https://arvrjourney.com/create-your-first-instagram-filter-in-10-steps-290a45de6731
  2. Run contests
    1) Follow to win
    2) Like to win
    3) Comment to win
    4) Enter email to win
    5) Participate in challenge to win
  3. Most important: ENGAGE with followers.
  • Make sure to consistently like or respond to a consumer
  • Showcase personality when we post (make a ‘voice’)
  • Show support for IG accounts that are “causes”
  • Highlight trends
  1. Post stories with polls or questions that people can respond to
  • Easy questions: true vs false, what’s your favorite ?, what do you think about ? Suggestions for _?
  1. Use stories to share user generated content and invite followers to share with us their relevant photos and feature them on our stories
  • Example: ask them to tag a friend
  1. Use stories to post time-sensitive offers and promotions
  2. Comment on relevant and trending hashtag’ed photos so that our account name gets seen by other people.
  3. For visuals, make sure they are bright, contrasting (easy to read)
  4. Interesting Content:
  • Make sure our photos have FACES. Faces get more likes than photos without faces.
  • Share quotes
  • ask people
  • Include call to action with the captions
  • Add hashtags in the comment (first comment of photo) and make your hashtags a mixture of large, medium, and really small niche hashtags
  1. Make sure to consistently follow followers of your competitors’ / similar accounts
  • Rule of thumb: about 50 per hour
  1. Do local outreach.
  • Choose a city. Drop a relevant comment on the top posts. Be thoughtful about how you comment. Repeat for 10 posts across 10 relevant hashtags
  • People love comments, and make sure to engage if they reply to your comments

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